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Nexus Edge was born out of a strong belief: The current advertising mindset is dying and needs to be reinvented. Time, money and talent are being wasted with least efficient processes that offer almost no guarantee of positive returns for businesses or the world.

Our mission is clear: to pave the way for the emergence of real connections between people and brands, nurturing sustainable businesses and bringing tangible benefits for everyone.

We'€™ll do it by creating our own proprietary technology powered by artificial intelligence to map behavioral patterns and to integrate this information with other fundamental variables, providing unique data to feed intelligence and strategic business processes. We'€™re empowering and inspiring business leaders so they can create innovative solutions and make better decisions that can truly have a positive impact on people'€™s lives.

In this transition to a new mindset, we'€™ll help brands find new and sustainable ways to grow by putting people in the leading role, so we can all make this planet a better place to live.

new advertising mindset

If the various revolutions of mankind in the last 50 years, the Internet for example, completely changed the way people interact with companies, brands and specially each other. Why the Advertising Industry still do the same for decades?

Develop the new mindset is mandatory to face the challenges And Also to prepare for what is coming up.

There are three pillars to be focused:


Why many brands are still trying to convince to buy things people can They Do Not actually needs or want? Build anything more than a superficial business relationship is essential.


Why so much about the brand itself and not see around what is relevant? Act at times when the brand can really add value is much more important than the shouting of pure propaganda.


In a world where content can be generated by any person, why the content of a publisher's special? The challenge is how to remain relevant to the people and offer advertisers effective ways connections with the right audience at the right time and with real measurement results.

We created Alana

ALANA is our reason to believe in the future of Advertising Industry. Our intention is make the more powerful artificial intelligence of the world, to be able to expand the capabilities of advertising professionals to the next level.

Its proprietary technology integrates digital and offline data of the present and the past, using their proprietary algorithms for machine learning, predictive analytics and natural language processing to obtain, store and make useful all the knowledge about the connections between people and brands.

This powerful artificial intelligence is used to transform a universe of the billions of complex data into something simple, elegant and actionable for the new advertising professionals of the 21st century.


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